At every check up we carry out a 10 point dental examination:

Welcome we offer everything you need to enjoy the confidence that comes with a healthy, attractive smile. We want to make sure you have a functional mouth.

Every check up includes:

1. Finding out about you:-

  • how you feel about your oral health
  • if you are concerned or anxious about receiving dental care
  • if there is anything in particular causing you pain or discomfort
  • if you have any concerns about the appearance of your teeth
  • your general health, this can have a large impact on the health of your mouth

2. Assess the relationship of the jaws from outside of the mouth and checking the face for signs of underlying dental problems.

3. Check the chewing muscles.

4. Assess the soft tissues of the mouth to ensure that they are healthy.

5. Assess the quantity and quality of your saliva as this is important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

6. Check the teeth to look for any dental decay, tooth wear and broken teeth and check your existing dental restorations and appliances to ensure that they are not broken, defective or worn out.

7. Assess the position of the adult teeth and how they bite together.

8. Assess the health of the gums

9. Assess the effectiveness of you are cleaning your teeth to check for areas that you may be missing

10. Consider if we will find out more information about your oral health by taking x-rays of the teeth and jaws.

We offer the best techniques to achieve the functional mouth you are looking for. Here we would like to know that we have made your visit comfortable.

We enjoy our work. Our patients like us and we like them.


Dentist :  Dr Harginder Singh (BDSc)  GDC no. – 75467

Dr Singh graduated in 1996.  He then went to America to complete the cosmetic dentistry course. At Warwick University he completed a certificate in Implant dentistry. He also worked to gain experience in braces treatments.

His main concern is that you should look for a dentist who understands the range of cosmetic treatments available.  He does not want to push you towards one type of treatment but give you the best option for your mouth condition.

Eternal Smiles is about looking forward so you can keep the restoration or smile for a long period of time of 15 or more years.

Patient Coordinator : Mrs Hasvinder Kaur

Hasvinder is great for giving advice and helping you getting answers to the processes of the treatments we offer.  She usually can answer your concerns in relation to appointments and fees.

Dental Nurse : Julie Browning.

Julie wants to make sure our practice is hygienic for your appointment.

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