Eternal Smiles Dental Care Plan

At Eternal Smiles Dental Care we are aware of the demands made on your hard-earned incomes, balanced with meeting your own, individual aspirations with the way you look, eat and enjoy life.

We realise you appreciate that you place importance of maintaining your dental treatment.

Which is why we are pleased to offer our own Dental Care Plan, that provides you with quality dental care at the affordable price of starting from £14 per month.  This covers what we regard as the essential components of a programme designed to ensure you have peace of mind – and all that’s necessary for healthy teeth.

Our Dental Plan includes:

  • Examination appointments (two per year) to provide:
    • Clinical examination of teeth
    • Review of your gum health
    • Soft tissue screening
    • Assessment of existing restorations
    • Checking for signs of oral cancer
    • Dietary advice
    • Oral hygiene advice
    • Routine x-rays where clinically necessary


  • Twice-yearly hygiene appointments to provide:
    • Hygiene Treatment
    • Flossing advice (you bring your flossing aid and we help you to do it better)
    • Preventive information to reduce decay and gum disease


  • After Hours Emergency Dental Cover at the practice free
  • All subsequent remedial work within 24 months of recommended restorative work
  • At least 10% reduction off any other treatment you require
  • Worldwide Dental Trauma cover
  • Emergency Call Out cover when away from the dental centre

Save money for your dental health

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