Emax Veneers

What are Emax veneers?

Emax veneers are a type of beautiful dental veneer. Emax veneers are strong, durable, and very thin. The biggest advantages of Emax veneers is that they need minimal tooth shaving.  Emax veneers were used for Ellie, Adam and Ian and find out how.

emax veneers

These veneers are a very popular way of making crooked or badly sized teeth look straight and in proportion.

They will make the teeth a uniform whiter shade if requested.  They are often known as the instant braces treatment.  Veneers are made and fitted in 2 visits.  Emax veneers are stronger than other veneers

Emax Restorations can target multiple problems.

  1. To improve the cosmetics and get a white beautiful smile. In these cases usually the top eight to ten teeth are veneered in the smile zone (i.e. the teeth that are visible when smiling).
  2. Discoloured teeth ; Not only the shape and design of the teeth can be changed and improved by Emax veneers  but also the discoloration of the teeth can be masked and covered as in tetracycline staining.
  3. Crooked or misshaped teeth. If teeth are not gravely misaligned or are not of correct morphology, the appearance can be instantly improved by Emax veneers.
  4. To close the spacing between the anterior teeth; emax dental veneers are an ideal choice to close single or multiple spaces. Where teeth are small and bulk needs to be added to make teeth more expressive and visible.  They can also be used to correct and rectify the chipped teeth.

Some before and after pictures of smiles

Emax Veneers




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Emax Veneers




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Are they better than the old type of porcelain veneers?

Emax porcelain retains its strength and durability. This strong ceramic is does not chip and crack.

Furthermore Emax veneers are glazed to give an overall more natural smile than other porcelain materials.

emax veneer

“I was introduced to Dr  Singh by my partner. It is special to find a good dentist whom likes to produce great smiles. I am very passionate about my teeth and had a range of treatments. These    include replacing my silver fillings to white,   a bridge, crowns,   night guard to     achieve and maintain    the best smile I can.        Dr Singh    is just as passionate   about teeth.               Best dental practice in Birmingham”



A higher translucent porcelain can be added to Emax to create the appearance of real enamel teeth, to make it look even more life like. It’s worth noting that our specialist lab technician does layer the porcelain differently and thus the final colour is best for you. 

Emax veneers improve the colour and shine of teeth more than composite bonding veneers.


emax veneer solihull
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Are they suitable for me?

That depends on how crooked your teeth are. It’s possible that in more extreme cases If you have only mild to moderate miss-alignment or small spaces, you should be an ideal candidate for Emax veneers.

How long will they last?
With proper care and regular examinations, Emax veneers will outlast their competition by many years simply because they are much stronger.

What is the procedure for getting Emax dental veneers?

  1. Firstly, Dr Singh will assess your teeth and facial profile. Then, based on the findings, a design for the veneers is chosen.  At this stage, any tooth preparation that is needed will be discussed with you.
  2. Teeth Whitening is usually carried out on other teeth to improve their shade so that they match like we did for Adam and Ellie.
  3. The teeth are prepared to create a beautiful smile and photos are sent to the lab. Temporary veneers are then fitted on the preparations.
  4. Two weeks later, the Emax veneers are fitted at the last visit.
emax veneers

It is everyone’s desire to have white teeth and a glittering smile. Aesthetic dentistry creates a perfect smile!

emax veneers
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Can Emax veneers be used in individuals who are allergic to metal?

The use of metal-backed porcelain coatings in individuals who are allergic to metal can cause allergic reactions, and full porcelain coatings like eMax porcelains, eliminate all these problems.

After eMax veneers teeth have been done, what should patients pay attention to in dental care?

  • Teeth must be brushed using a special method which we will advise.
  • Mouthwashing should be done.
  • Hard food should not be chewed or bitten off by the teeth made of Laminate Veneer, usually made with front teeth.
  • Obsessions of nail-eating, pen-biting must be abandoned.
  • If you have a tooth clenching or gnashing habit during sleeping, you should wear a dental plaque on your teeth.
  • Regular six monthly examination of the bite is required so we can make adjustments as you get older and your teeth move a little in your mouth.
emax veneers

What advantages does Emax Veneers provide?

In a wonderful whiteness, revealing a well-ordered tooth structure; it enables a person to have a smile that has a positive effect in the face of self-confidence. Because Emax Veneers teeth treatment is performed with a small intervention, it provides patient comfort with respect to the duration of the treatment, also saves the time.

These coatings are extremely durable. It is impossible to remove a glued Emax Veneers layer from the tooth in total. It can only be lifted off by abrasion. It is a guarantee of a beautiful smile for many years since it is resistant to coloring and abrasion.

It does not break the natural structure of your teeth. No change on the tooth is required. In some teeth, it is sufficient to only open a nail-width slot. Since the porcelain layer is too thin, it will pass the light and reflect it at the same time. This gives the tooth a natural appearance. It does not have an artificial appearance. The teeth get an ultra natural and aesthetic appearance.

Emax Veneers porcelain surface is smooth. For this reason, the risk of stains and tartar formation due to causes such as coffee and cigarettes is minimized. It gives the patient a chance to see the new design of the teeth.

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emax veneers

Advantages of Emax Crowns

Lighter and even thinner 

Minimal tooth preparation 

Last 20+ years or more with proper care 

Translucent rather than opaque (less dull white)

Natural finish (less Hollywood)


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