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We want you to be treated quickly so just like Michael and Jenny your pain or dental problem disappears and you get to do the better things in life now.

You will be able to enjoy the rest of your day or have a good nights sleep tonight.

ermgency dentist

Our Emergency Dentist
Will Treat
The Following Problems

  • Broken Tooth
  • Lost Filling
  • Lost Crown
  • Swelling or abscess
  • Painful Teeth


  • Toothache
  • Broken Braces
  • Broken Dentures
  • Broken Veneers
  • Infected Wisdom Teeth
  • Jaw Injuries
  • Dental Sports Injury
  • Gum Infections
  • Problem Wisdom Teeth
ermgency dentist

 We will provide relief from the immediate dental pain.  See how Michael and Jenny were treated by Eternal Smiles Dental Centre below.


Toothache and broken teeth are common problems.  The pain caused by dental infections may be severe.  Facial swelliing and pain may also be symptoms of dental infections.

“My filling had come loose and I was in constant pain for a few days.  I had to see someone.  I saw  this website and decided to make the call.  Dr Singh was so helpful and understanding and gave me all the choices and fees. Great care at Eternal Smiles.                                        



Try not to take a pain killer before seeing our dentist so the pain does not disappear and thus becomes difficult to diagnose which tooth is causing the pain.

ermgency dentist

“The team have are very experienced.  During this Covid time the team were able to see me quickly and I can recommend you highly enough.  


The Best Emergency Dentist in Birmingham

We believe that a combination of professional courtesy and care, coupled with the latest techniques and equipment, have given us the enviable position of top emergency dental practice in the city, and we are proud to offer our patients a consistently high level of care.

If you’re in need of urgent dental care that just can’t wait another day, call up and register with our emergency dentist in Birmingham, and we’ll soon have you fighting fit and biting back!.

To book your appointment with the best emergency dentist in Birmingham, book online to see a dentist as soon as possible.

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Why Does Dental Pain Occur and What Causes It?

Tooth pain is a condition that can be caused by many different factors. The top three major causes of tooth pain include:

  • Tooth Decay: Occurs when the bacteria have reached the roots of the teeth resulting in an abscess

  • Fractured Tooth or Filling: An exposed nerve can cause an abscess as well as excruciating dental pain

  • Gum Disease: There are many ways gum disease can cause tooth pain, especially if left untreated and it develops into periodontitis

These are the most common, so there could be other factors that may cause dental pain. In order to find out the cause, a quick examination of your mouth will need to be performed.

What Are The Options for Dental Pain.

The treatment options available for dental pain are:

We will need to discuss your dental history and examine you first. 

The next step is to determine the cause of the pain before treating you. This step will involve x-rays and other tests on your mouth, gums, jaw, throat or sinuses.

What if There is a Facial Swelling?

If there is any sign of a facial swelling, please contact us straight away to arrange an assessment and diagnosis. A swelling may indicate an abscess or infection. Depending on the cause of the swelling, a suitable plan can be carried out to prevent further spread of infection.

What if a Crown Has Come Off?

If a crown has fallen out, please keep it clean, safe and secure and arrange an appointment to come as see us for an emergency dental assessment. Where appropriate, the crown can be cleaned an re cemented. If this is not possible, alternative advice will be provided for how to replace the tooth.

What to do if Your Denture Has Broken?

If your denture has broken, please keep it clean and secure and bring it to an emergency dentist appointment at our clinic, Solihull, Birmingham. Please do not try and repair the denture yourself as this can prevent future repairs with the dental laboratory. Usually dentures can be repaired by the following day, though this will be assessed by one of our Dentists.

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