Laser Whitening

We offer save professional teeth whitening.  Laser technology is the most modern way of whitening teeth.  The process takes 20 minutes for your top and bottom teeth.


An instantaneous improvement in the colour of teeth occurs due to the laser. This treatment is the fastest procedure to enjoy great results.

The Laser Whitening process

1. Firstly your teeth are cleaned thoroughly for the treatment.   This will remove the debris and accumulated plaque and to make the treatment 100% effective. Next your teeth are coated with a whitening gel .


2. A high energy light is distributed evenly over the teeth using the laser. This is proven to be the most effective wavelength to initiate the whitening process.

3. The exposure to the light source will generally last between 10 minutes for the top or bottom teeth.

The reason our teeth appear dull is because the teeth have picked up stains deep inside the dentine and enamel.

“Thanks for the lovely white teeth. What a lovely instant result.  I feel great and more confident to smile when meeting friends, family and at work.”    

                                                             Jane Harrison

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