Flexible ValPlast Dentures in Solihull

The original and time tested classic…
the unbreakable, flexible partial denture from Valplast

“I am thrilled with my Valplast Partial. It just disappears ……
nobody even notices I’m wearing a partial.
It is so comfortable I even forget I’m wearing it.”

Smile with Confidence when your dentist prescribes a Valplast Partial
Experience the magic that is Valplast

Most Valplast Flexible Partials are fabricated without the use of a metal frame – made instead from a strong, durable plastic that snaps securely and comfortably into place around your existing teeth.

The plastic used is so strong that the partial made from it can be very thin, eliminating that heavy, bulky feeling that made wearing partials so unpleasant in the old days.

Flexible Partials blend in well with the natural appearance of your gums, making the partial virtually invisible. The plastic has almost a chameleon effect, it is so strong that the partial can be made very thin and so picks up the characteristics of the underlying tissue.

The Valplast clasp blends with the surrounding tissue and virtually disappears.
Valplast partials are smooth and comfortable against the tongue.

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“Thank you for taking considerable amount of time and effort in making me a nice set of teeth. Dr Singh is a diligent worker. I am confidently smiling and meeting socially with friends again. Everyone else is amazed with the new teeth. High standards of service always present with Hasvinder at reception and Julie his nurse. Pleased with the professional care and time DR Singh took to make my new  dentures.”

Ellen Nichols

“I was introduced to Dr Singh. I approached him about replacing my broken crown with a denture. I was a bit apprehensive with all the dental work I had to go through, i.e. filling, whitening and extraction and cosmetic treatment to broaden my smile. Dr Singh kept reassuring me that everything would be worthwhile. An how right he is. I am very pleased and happy with the result. I was treated with respect and friendship by the whole team. Thank you”

John Logan

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