The Silensor is one of the mouth appliances which can be worn at night. Its biggest advantage being that it is non-bulky and flexible.

The success of the treatment is largely dependent on the patient’s acceptance of the appliance. Obviously, the depth of sleep and comfort of the patient will increase with the reduction in bulk of the appliance.

The SILENSOR makes use of the fact that the pharyngeal space is enlarged when the lower jaw is displaced in an forward direction.

The SILENSOR consists of two separate parts which fit over the upper and lower tooth arches. The upper and lower sections are connected by two lateral rotating connectors which gently pull the lower jaw forward. Despite wearing the SILENSOR, movement of the lower jaw is possible because it is not made of metal.

Because the SILENSOR is of minimum bulk it is comfortable.rtable and an effective anti-snoring aid.

“Thanks for making me stop snoring.  The Silensor is so comfortable.”                                                      


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