Wrinkle Facial Treatments in Solihull

Eternal Smiles Clinic prides itself on offering great treatment.  If you want the wrinkle to be ironed out we can do it.  We are medically trained with 5 years of experience.

With our cosmetic awareness we can help reduce the lines on the forehead, between the eye brows and crows feet.

Some of you want us to reduce the gummy smile, smokers lines and lift the corners of your mouth and to benefit from our treatments.

It is quick and straight forward. 

Wrinkle free injections are now the Uk no 1 treatment for facial lines and wrinkles.

Frown lines treatment

Wrinkle Treatment

Crows feet treatment

It works by relaxing the dynamic facial muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles.  The wrinkle lines soften over a 3 week period but most patients notice it as soon as 7 days due to better quality injections we use.



          Before treatment I was so unhappy with lines on my forehead.  Now I feel younger.  The lines near the edges of my eyes have gone.  Dr Singh is gentle and it is painless.                                                                                                                                       Nicola

Wrinkle Treatment

Frown lines or 11s treatment

Wrinkles can be reduced in the folloiwng areas.       

  • ‘Glabellar’ frown lines
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet lines
  • ‘Smokers’ lip lines
  • ‘Bunny’ nose lines
  • Drooping corners of the mouth

I wanted my lines on my face softened.  A quick appointment at Eternal Smiles and then in a week I saw Dr Singh’s magic at work.I look and feel awesome.                                     



If your looking for a wrinkle free face in Birmingham come and visit us. Eternal Smiles Dental Centre have a team with over 5 years of experience.


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Wrinkle Treatment

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