We Are A Mercury Free Dentist

The body of evidence that amalgam fillings can cause a broad range of health disorders is continually growing. For these reasons, Eternal Smiles Dental Centre is a Mercury Free Dentist.

We advocate that patients become aware of our mercury free dentist because the dental and overall health benefits are proving to be substantial.


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What You Need to Know

To correctly remove and replace amalgam fillings it is critical to assure that you will not absorb much of the material in the removal process.

We are approached by patients who want to have their mercury fillings removed.
Sometimes this is due to the presence of symptoms which they attribute to their mercury fillings. Some patients do have a sensitivity or allergy to mercury and removal of their mercury fillings may help.

In the absence of sensitivity there is no evidence that removal of mercury fillings will improve symptoms. Instead, these symptoms should be investigated by a medical doctor.
Others have an anxiety about the presence of mercury fillings in their mouth. They are aware of the controversy and are of the opinion that their minds would be put at rest if the fillings were removed.

We respect the views of our patients who want their mercury fillings replaced. When removing mercury fillings we adhere to careful protocols that minimise exposure to mercury.

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” My health was not good after several silver fillings were put into my mouth. Dr Singh explained the procuedure and comforted me that things would be better afterwards.  His knowledge reassured me and I had the amalgam filings removed.  My health has improved and feel great now.  I would recommend anyone him to anyone who needs this procedure.”


What is Dental Amalgam / Silver Filling?

Dental amalgam is a tooth filling material that is approximately 50% mercury, a highly polluting neurotoxin.  Today, countries around the world are phasing out the use of amalgam … and phasing up the use of mercury-free alternatives.

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“My health was not great after the amalgam filings were placed at my dentist a few years ago.  I saw Eternal Smiles as the dental practice providing a special approach to amalgam removal.   Dr Singh went through the options and thoroughly explained the process.  It was a pleasant process with a minimum of discomfort.  I am now after a few weeks feeling so much better and my health issues have been resolved.”                                                                                                                               Steve

How Are Silver Fillings Removed
At A Mercury Free Dentist

  1. You will be given a slurry of activated charcoal.
  2. You and the staff will wear protective gowns and/or coverings.
  3. At our mercury free dental practice dental personnel will wear respiratory-grade masks, face shields, hair coverings, and non-latex gloves.
  4. The patient will wear a nasal mask to deliver air to breathe through the nose.
  5. A saliva ejector will be placed under the dental dam to reduce mercury exposure to the patient.
  6. A non-latex dental dam will be placed and sealed over the patient’s mouth. The dental dam is like a square sheet of material to prevent mercury from going down the throat.
  7. A mouth barrier dental dam will be used to stop mercury fillings being swallowed.
  8. A lot of water will be jetted onto the filling to reduce heat during removal to reduce ambient mercury levels.
  9. A conventional high-speed evacuation device captures mercury discharge during the removal.
  10. Using a small-diameter carbide drill, the mercury amalgam will be sectioned into chunks to be removed. The larger the chunks removed, the fewer mercury vapors.
Remove Silver Fillings benefits
  1. After the removal, the patient’s mouth will be thoroughly flushed with water. In most cases, the patient will be given another slurry of activated charcoal and/or chlorella.
  2. Afterward, the mercury free dentist and dental staff will take many precautions to safely dispose of the gloves, coverings, and mercury itself, as well as to clean all the equipment.

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