Amalgam Fillings Silver Fillings or Amalgam Fillings Removal

Why do Amalgam Fillings, Silver Fillings, Mercury Fillings Fail?

Most common reasons for Amalgam fillings, Silver Fillings and Mercury Fillings To Be Removed.

The most common reason for the failure of silver filllings or amalgam fillings is a bulk fracture of amalgam which is a result of faulty cavity preparation.

The principal reasons for failure are secondary caries, fracture, marginal deficiencies, wear, and postoperative sensitivity. Many of these things can be controlled by the dentist; however, the patient also has a great deal to do with the long-term success of any restoration.

Patients sometimes do not brush their teeth after every meal within in an hour.  Did the patient bite hard foods like seed of a popcorn or piece of bone to make the silver fillings fracture.

X-ray detection of decay beside Silver Amalgam Metal.

Amalgam fillings or silver fillings are opaque on X-Rays.  It’s difficult to see a cavity under these fillings until they are quite extensive. Research has shown that when a dentist is examining a patient with mercury fillings, and the patient does not let him or her use any X-Rays, you can see 50% of what is going on.  When an X-Ray is taken you will still only see about 85% of what’s going on. So there is 15% of cavities that we won’t be able to see because the metal blocks out this damage on the x-ray.

amalgam_safe_removal_ silver_fillings

The Advantages Of Tooth Coloured Fillings and Ceramic Restorations

As composites have evolved, they have become the restoration of choice for fillings. At Eternal Smiles Dental Centre we use composite restorations for fillings because we can perform a better, more conservative, safer, and more cosmetically pleasing treatment.

If placed properly, composite restorations can last longer than mercury fillings and accomplish conservative treatments not possible with amalgam fillings. Composite fillings only replace the portions of your teeth that have been damaged and no additional reduction of healthy areas of your teeth is required.

And the same is applicable for Ceramic Restorations.