Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth are a sign that you are grinding or rubbing your teeth together in your sleep.  You may not be aware of it until your crowns, fillings, or teeth chip. 

Grinding damage is occurring to the teeth if they are worn.  Look at the pictures below of how the teeth are not straight at the edges.  See the cosmetic shortening of the teeth.

Also a lack of proper bite perpetuates further accelerated wear and symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, gum recession, breaking teeth and chipping teeth.

“I had chipped teeth. I was absolutely delighted with the quality of treatment recieved from Dr Singh.  I had extensive work done on my teeth over the last 2 years.  Dr Singh explains the 4 treatment options available and gave the right advice in a clear manner, following up with a full explanation of cost.

My wife says my teeth look nice and straight again.”



Heavily worn teeth and bite were made to look much better with Porcelain Crowns.

“My teeth were worn and I did not have the best smile.  I wanted them straighter and also to feel more confident when smiling.  I was grinding my teeth more to my right side Dr Singh told me.  This why my right canine was worn so much.  Dr Singh went throught the 4 different options thoroughly. 

My look has improved some much.  I trust him to look after my teeth from now and keep visiting him since he has improved the robustness of my teeth.


“My smile was not right. and i had been comtemplating a better look for a while. Dr Singh told me I had worn my teeth due to grinding in my sleep. 

Eternal Smiles is a wonderful place from being greeted by the most warm reception staff to Dr Singh himself.  I was very nervous upon arriving for my first consultation.  He explained to me all the 4 choices thoroughly and clearly.  He is very attentive. I had veneers, implant and crowns.

I had a full explaination of costs and treatment plan.  I have a wonderful smile..  You have improved the feel and look of my teeth.  A BIG thank you.” 



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